We now have, for the first time, a playable game with all parts implemented - its time to get out and test it with users again! For this purpose two of us, Lihi (Psycology) and Gadi (Computer Science) got several phones ready and got out their pen and paper and asked people to play!

We went around the IDC campus and asked students to a round of the Soundscape game - record one sound and guess one sound.

In total we tested the game with 9 users. Even after the first round we spotted several bugs that were quickly relayed back to our ever supportive group and a new version with the bug fix was rolled out within several minutes, before the 2nd willing participant was even found.

Throughout the day many improvements were made to the application and then put straight out in the field to be tested - from small bugs such as buttons not working / working when they shouldn't to changes in the UI when many users made mistakes and missed key elements of the application.

Users were also asked about what purpose would motivate them to use the game more - the sound collection database or the positive psychology. 7/9 answered that the database would motivate them more and the other 2 said they were neutral about it, but slightly preferred the sound database

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