On Thursday, January 17th we presented the following presentation at the Microsoft Accelerator in Herzeliya, Israel. The presentation showed our first few steps towards formatting our idea. 

HOW ARE WE GOING TO DO ALL THAT? (TECHNICAL ASPECTS) Soundscape will be developed as a two part system – the users’ client used for recording sounds and viewing the maps, and the server. The client will be developed for Android, utilizing the existing capabilities of smartphones to record data and provide information about location, time of day and other measurements about the recording. Furthermore, the map view will be built on the Google Map API.

The server will provide all functionality for the client to send information and retrieve it from the database. Soundscape’s server will provide an open-source API to allow the community to contribute to the project, improving and enhancing its algorithms.  The API expose features from statistical information and queries to sound analysis opportunities when pattern recognition algorithms are coupled with the large database of sounds in Soundscape’s database. This will also open up a slew of possible applications based on Soundscape as the backend service provider and data analyzer.