They say there is no better place to test things than out in the real world - so that is exactly what we did! On Sunday the whole team got out on the street in Tel Aviv and explained the project to people passing by. The idea behind this street demo day was to get feedback from people who are not students at the IDC or friends, and have no previous knowledge about our project. This was also a great opportunity for us to use the application out in the world where it is supposed to be used for an extended period of time.

We put together a small stand in the street and had several phones ready so we could get people to play with them. The plan was to have some of us split off and walk down the street to catch people as they are walking, while a few stayed at the stand that drew people that way. This way people were always playing on one of the 4 phones we had, and there was always something to guess.

Throughout the day we had a lot of people stop by and play. Many were able to guess sounds that people had recorded before them, and some very creative recordings were made - including one beatboxer recording himself!

Overall people expressed interest in the game itself, however we realized that the pace of the game as it is might be a bit slow in terms of getting to the stage of recording. Also, when explaining the grand goal behind the game quite a few people were excited when the link was made to sound-recognizing applications out today like song-recognizing services.

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