Soundscape is like  Draw Something, but with sounds — it's a social-mobile game that has you record a sound from a selected category, and others try to guess what sound you recorded..

To get started with Soundscape select an opponent to play with and a sound to record from a set of options. If you are standing next to one of the sounds, you can go ahead and record it  to send your sound's challenge to your opponent. Choosing the "Free recording" option and you can record any sound available to you.

You and your opponent earn score when you're record a sound and guess it correctly.  Each sound "level" will come with score; the more the sound is worth, the harder it may be to record and successfully guess correctly by the other person.

When you receive a sound, you can listen to it as many times as you'd like to. You will have 3 attempts to guess what sound your opponents likely recorded by selecting letters from a virtual keyboard to fill in the blanks for the sound.

You can also use bombs to eliminate some of the available letters when you're guessing to make things easier.


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